Private Lies (ebok) av Muna Shehadi
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Undertittel The most enthralling novel of unimaginable family secrets you'll read this year...
Forfattere Muna Shehadi (forfatter)
Forlag Review
Utgitt 3 oktober 2019
Sjangrer Romaner, Skjønnlitteratur
Språk English
Format epub
DRM-beskyttelse Adobe DRM
ISBN 9781472258717
'A wonderful read with evocative descriptions and enough family secrets to create a gripping journey of discovery' WomanWhat happens when you discover that your glamorous movie star mother could never have given birth to you?Fans of Lucinda Riley, Santa Montefiore and Rachel Hore will be gripped by Muna Shehadi's Private Lies.'Captures your interest straightaway' 5* reader review'I adored many twists and turns. I recommend this book highly' 5* reader reviewThe three daughters of stunning but unstable movie star Jillian Croft and her famous acting-teacher husband, Daniel Braddock, grew up being treated as special, even after their mother's tragic death. Years later, their world is overturned when they discover a medical document suggesting Jillian could never have given birth to them.Whilst Olivia and Eve insist there's some mistake, quirky, impulsive middle sister Rosalind can't leave the matter alone. Rosalind has always felt separate from her poised, successful sisters. If she has a different birth mother, she wants to know.Investigation leads her to Leila Allerton, an opera singer from New Jersey with a vibrant, close-knit family to whom Rosalind aches to belong. At first its members warmly welcome their new neighbour - but circumstances and personalities soon clash, leaving a bewildered Rosalind unsure how they'll feel when they discover her true reason for seeking them out...Readers love Private Lies!

'Truly awesome'

'Draws you in and keeps you guessing'

'The storyline was perfect. I could not put it down'

'Would love to read more of this authors books'

'Very well written and insightful'

'A good holiday read'

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