Closing Down (lydbok) av Sally Abbott, Ukjent
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Sally Abbott (forfatter), Ukjent (forfatter), Neil Pigot (oppleser)

Closing Down lydbok

217,- Veil. pris: 247,-Spar: 30,-
217,- Veil. pris: 247,-Spar: 30,-
Forfattere Sally Abbott (forfatter), Ukjent (forfatter), Neil Pigot (oppleser)
Utgitt 24 februar 2019
Lengde 9:50
Sjangrer Romaner, Skjønnlitteratur
Språk English
Format mp3
DRM-beskyttelse Vannmerket
ISBN 9780733638831
Shortlisted for the Aurealis Award for a Science Fiction Novel 2017

'a polished, accomplished, imaginative novel' - SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

What would you do if all you held to be familiar was lost?

Australia's rural towns and communities are closing down, much of Australia is being sold to overseas interests, states and countries and regions are being realigned worldwide.

Town matriarch Granna Adams, her grandson Roberto, the lonely and thoughtful Clare - all try in their own way to hold on to their sense of self, even as the world around them fractures.

The past is long gone. The question now is: do they have a future?

An extraordinary and timely debut novel from a compelling new Australian voice

'an arresting vision of survival and resilience in a broken world' - AUSTRALIAN BOOK REVIEW

'The characters and their strange world are so powerfully drawn that the book's oppressive mood lingers with the reader long after they've looked up from the page.' - SATURDAY PAPER

'...a disturbingly good read' - MARIE CLAIRE

'Like all good speculative fiction, Sally Abbott has taken what's happening in the geo-politico-social sphere and ramped it up to the nth degree.' - THE BIG ISSUE]]>