How Contagion Works (lydbok) av Paolo Giordan
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Paolo Giordano (forfatter), David Thorpe (oppleser), Paolo Giordano (oppleser)

How Contagion Works lydbok

Undertittel Science, Awareness and Community in Times of Global Crises - The short essay that helped change the Covid-19 debate
Forfattere Paolo Giordano (forfatter), Alex Valente (oversetter), David Thorpe (oppleser), Paolo Giordano (oppleser)
Utgitt 23 mars 2020
Lengde 1:08
Sjangrer Biografier, Memoarer, Essays, Helse- og sosialfag, Naturvitenskap og teknikk, Biografier, Skjønnlitteratur, Klima og miljøvern, Fagbøker
Språk English
Format mp3
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ISBN 9781474619318
The Covid-19 pandemic is the most significant health emergency of our time.

Writing from Italy in lockdown, physicist and novelist Paolo Giordano explains how disease spreads in our interconnected world:

why it matters

how it impacts us

how we must react

By expanding his focus to include other forms of contagion - from the environmental crisis to fake news and xenophobia - Giordano shows us not just how we got here but also how we can work together to move forward.]]>