You Can Trust Me (lydbok) av Emma Rowley
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Emma Rowley (forfatter), Olivia Dowd (oppleser), Stephanie Racine (oppleser)

You Can Trust Me lydbok

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Undertittel The gripping psychological thriller from the author of WHERE THE MISSING GO
Forfattere Emma Rowley (forfatter), Olivia Dowd (oppleser), Stephanie Racine (oppleser)
Forlag Orion
Utgitt 16 april 2020
Lengde 11:06
Sjangrer Krim, Thrillere, Krim, Helse, livsstil og fritid, Politikk og samfunn, Fagbøker
Språk English
Format mp3
DRM-beskyttelse Vannmerket
ISBN 9781409186335
You can trust me.
But can I trust you?

Olivia is the domestic goddess who has won millions of followers by sharing her picture-perfect life online. And now she's releasing her tell-all autobiography.

For professional ghostwriter Nicky it's the biggest job of her career. But as she delves deeper into Olivia's life, cracks begin to appear in the glamorous façade. From the strained relationship with her handsome husband, to murky details of a tragic family death in her childhood, the truth belies Olivia's perfect public image.

But why is Olivia so desperate to leave an old tragedy well alone? And how far will she go to keep Nicky from the truth?]]>